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Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) is a branch of science applied to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases using clinical laboratory tests. This involves analysing body matter, including fluid, tissue and blood using micro-organism screening, chemical analysis and cell count. This branch has two prime career options, including medical laboratory technologists and technicians. A technologist performs most of their tasks such as preparation of slides human tissues or other specimens, using laboratory equipment. On the other hand, medical laboratory technicians help MLTs and carry out tasks such as blood tests and blood typing.

Career prospect and salary

Medical lab technology is one of the most vital parts of the healthcare system and therefore, the salary paid to the MLT’s is good. Most of the job opportunities in the field of medical lab technology depend upon the technical and academic skills of the technician or technologist. After the completion of the course, they can join any medical laboratory as a certified medical laboratory technologist and earn experience in their specialisations. The rise in a number of private hospitals, nursing homes, biochemical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, pathological laboratories, and many more medical facilities has helped in increasing demand for a medical laboratory technologist. With sufficient experience, the medical laboratory technicians can occupy supervisory positions in laboratories and hospitals as Laboratory Manager, Hospital Outreach Coordinators, Laboratory Information System Analyst, Consultant, Health Care Administrator and Educational Consultant. The medical laboratory technologist can expect an average annual salary of upto Rs 6 LPA depending upon their expertise and experience in the field as a medical technologist.


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