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The Computer Department of our Institute with its state of art infrastructure and highly qualified faculty provides the requisite environment to produce highly consummate and competent software professionals. The department was established in 2007 and is offering 3 year Full Time Diploma Course. Computer Department combines the intellectual challenges of the new disciplines with the excitement of an innovative and rapidly expanding technology. The learning process in the department goes far beyond the environs of the class incorporating many Technical Fests and Seminars.

Computer Engineering Computer Engineering has a long and distinguished reputation of excellence in the areas of systems,s/w and theory. It plays a pivotal role in providing the technology and engineering enterprise necessary for growth and diversity in the economy. The computer engineers are the entrepreneurs & employed in high-tech companies, creating jobs and improving the quality of life Laboratories Available.

  1. Internet Lab
  2. Major Project Lab
  3. Programming Lab
  4. Server Side Programming Lab
  5. Web Designing Lab]
  6. RDBMS Lab-I
  7. Multimedia Lab
  8. Hardware Lab
  9. Software Engineering Lab
  10. Operating System Lab
  11. Computer Network Lab
  12. Broadband Communication Lab